Language Needs

Recent statistics have shown the increasing demand for language skills in today's business, both in Switzerland as well as abroad. Language expertise is no longer a luxury, a rare quality, or an improvised skill. Professional acumen is necessary also when approaching the language and cultural aspect of international business communication.


And who said it takes forever to acquire those skills. It is possible to learn, improve and perfect your and your staff language skills within reasonable time frames and right at your working premises! Why? Because LINGUAFRANCA breaks language challenges into target skills!


Linguafranca methodology favors direct, dynamic and targeted approach. Speaking, listening, reading and writing are blended to grammar and vocabulary work according to defined needs and fueled directly into the professional realm, around targeted skills!


Motivation, based on challenges and competence, is maintained through the relevant application of learned material in real-life professional scenarios.


Results are astounding. And monitoring tools are there to prove it!


Choose between English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, and more.


These are mere examples; however, giving a good idea of detailed language objectives.